100% real diamonds, but truly sustainable

To start, lab-grown diamonds are chemically, optically and physically 100% diamonds, they are identical to diamonds that are mined. Instead of forming deep within the earth over thousands of years, they are created in a plasma reactor that imitates earth’s flaming hot conditions, creating diamonds whose origin is transparent and sustainable.

Each diamond is unique in cut, color, carat and clarity, perfect for a one-of-a-kind jewelry piece.

All of our diamonds come with a certificate, graded by a GIA or IGI Gemologist on the GIA or IGI Diamond Grading Scale

What’s more, our diamonds are created using sustainable solar energy!

Why choose lab-grown diamonds over mined diamonds?

Easy! Because the diamond mining industry is still a highly disputed and ethically debatable industry. Even though many efforts have been made to make it more transparent, sustainable, and humane, it is overshadowed by corruption, cartel pricing, pollution, inhumane labor conditions, and a huge environmental impact. 

This controversial industry not only displaces wildlife and communities, it pollutes the air, and ground water, and the traceability of “conflict-free” diamonds is highly doubtable.  The Kimberley process, born in 2000 in South Africa, was created with the goal to eliminate conflict diamonds. However, this process does not take into account things such as the environmental impact of mining, the harsh labor conditions, and high numbers of child labor.

By buying a NOVAPREZIOSA diamond, you can be sure to know the origin and purchase a guilt-free, luxury jewel that is sustainably and ethically created, honest, and transparent.