About us

Our journey began in Kenya. We are two sisters, Svenja & Giulia, half Italian half German, who grew up moving around the world. The first city we lived in was Nairobi and the first language we spoke fluently was Swahili.

After Kenya, we moved to Pakistan, the Philippines, South Africa etc.

 Having lived many years in Africa, we learned about the tremendous impact that diamond mining has on the environment and its local population. 

This project started when we both got engaged a few years ago and curiously asked our now husbands about the process of buying a diamond. We accidentally stumbled across an article in The Wall Street Journal about the innovative way of creating of lab-grown diamonds. Here, we had found an ethical and sustainable alternative to mined diamonds and were determined to bring this to everyone in an honest and luxurious brand. 

We founded NOVAPREZIOSA a year ago and could not be happier with the response we have been receiving from our clients. We want to take jewelry to the next level in terms of sustainability and bring custom-made pieces to everyone. We hope you like it as much as we do!